Drifting Within Dream Land


reading the pages of this book

i am drowning in desires draped across my eye lids 

and slowly being pulled into an active unrealistic reality

you see here in dreamland

you have the power

the power to create anything

and my brains images become limitless

my heart becomes unbroken

and the words are full of wisdom and truth

these rose colored glasses make my life seem perfect

but being a cloud walker has its disadvantages

you walk around awake to others,but in reality

your lucidly dreaming

and constantly slipping farther and farther away from reality

you're  in class 6th period and the bell rings 

waking you up and your lip is stuck in the introduction page of your book

and you walking aimlessly in the hallways and this guy screams Yowo

just waking up my mind is still drifting and filter has not come into play

 i ask yo man what does that mean 

he yells you only write once 

and i sigh and say

yea i mean  

were all just rough drafts

waiting to be revised and edited

to the point where we can be published

again walking toward my class i think of my life using Yowo in life

but i drift back into dream land

i know that my life will be full of success 

so ill continue to dream with my eyes wide open

and i guess being in dreamland is not so bad 

just as long as you know what you want

and know to follow your dreams 

and that you can achieve anything

you just have to fight for what you want to grasp

so here i am in dreamland searching for my next adventure

and realizing i have what

i really wanted

and that is

the freedom to speak and write limitlessly

and thats my yowo


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