Life is an eventful occasion.

Much like a meteor, crashing through the ever-expanding sky,

We, too, have many directions we could go.

A slight nudge from a comet,

a quick tug from a fast-moving planetesmal--

Our trajectory is one half luck,

The other half mercy from the chaotic heavens around us,

We hope and plead that we prolong the inevitable.

But no matter what path we choose,

We all arrive at the bitter end exactly when we are supposed to.

So as we ponder the empty blackness in our lives,

We wander through space and time,

Without the innate capability to 'stop on a dime'.

Every moment, a rude awakening of the heartless wretch

that lies outstretched before us.

Life is cruel,

Life is a shock.

Life doesn't always put you on top,

But for now you're drifting through the void of time,

Praying that your death comes with a hint of rhymes.


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