"Dress Code Policy" Slam

in today's day and age it's no mystery why girls feel oppressedfor being pulled out of class because of the way they are dressedthe school staff seemingly unable to avert their eyesfrom collarbones, hips, behinds, and thighs overlooking what happens when their backs are turned awaytoo busy reprimanding girls to hear what other students sayto each other, their words tainted with venom and prideoutright telling one another to commit suicide it's no wonder why so many teenagers want to die"this is a no bullying zone," schools often cryhowever, they are more concerned of the way I am dressedthan they are of counseling students who are depressed each time a girl is pulled out of class for this so-called "crime"results in the loss of valuable instruction timeto call home for a change of clothes to hideher figure. give us a break, it's hot outside.

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