Dress Code


Yes, I am fully aware that my cleavage is exposed.

No, I do not care.

Yes, I know that it is against school dress code.

No, I do not care.

You claim that it is distracting to the class to be “indecently exposed”

I think that it is a lot more distracting to the class to stop teaching and pull me out into the hall.

Guys come into your class every day with shirts that expose their chests.

They don’t get talked to.

Yet, girls who walk in wearing low cut shirts are innapropriate.

Guys and girls have the same anatomy when it comes to chests.

We all have pectoral muscles, fatty tissue, and nipples.

So why is it that a girl who is exposing cleavage is considered “indecent”

Yet, a guy can walk around shirtless?

So, no. I will not change my shirt to adhere to your idea of decency.

This is my body and I will be “indecently exposed” if I want to be.

You have boobs, too. Why not let them out sometime?


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