Drenched in Caramel

My skin is smooth fearfully and wonderfully made by God

From the top of my head to the soles of my feet I am vibrant


I am drenched in caramel my skin glows against the beam of sunlight

I am a young woman of color who gives positive vibes when I walk by


I will let no other bring me down I am a queen that shines in her crown

I am sweet like honey I am gentle like the dew in the morning


Does my skin offend you? Are you afraid when I pass by? 

Perhaps my success makes you cringe as I rise beyond the sky


You are no better than I am  in fact our opportunities are the same 

Why must you feel to hurt me until I turn black and blue from the pain? 


I am forever in a race that you will never understand but remember

I am a strong African-American queen who will finish I will stand






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Our world
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