The Dreck


United States
42° 9' 43.704" N, 88° 8' 55.1652" W

I'm all about respect, 'cause heck
We're up to our neck
In some vexing perplexities
Like why our Mexican brothers
Get stashed in a mash of trash
Where, if you do the math,
They just don't belong

And it's wrong
But writing songs just 3 minutes long
Just isn't strong
Enough to elongate our appreciation
No not pandering
No not man serving
I'm talking integration
Of what's true abroad and our odd perception from this nation

Why is it our mother tongue
Is the only one among the sweet syntax of speech
Round here that we preach?
4 years of English each
That our high schools teach
But German?
Left on the beach

I beseech thee, those of Shakespearean tastes
Who retreat to their peers but waste
A chance at a peek, a deliberate
Immersion in the culture of another nation

It's not from high horses with your Abercrombies on
That you can tell me I'm bigoted, ignorant, or at least on
A higher wavelength than the rest of the world
'Cause when my story's unfurled you can trust
It looks a lot like theirs, just with some different stuff on their
In their hair
Cleanin' rooms up with air
Heard of that? When you do then come back

'Cause the dreck aren't the ones without the respect
They're the ones with the scarves 'round their neck
Wondering why their required Chinese class is next
Then leave the room to go preach on respect


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