Dreams Into Reality

You can’t do it, they will say.

How are you going to succeed in the arts?

Frustration, failure, hopeless 

Is what I felt 

Just give in to the expectations my mind said

But no


Something else consumes me.

It unravels before me and becomes the light in me.

I grasp onto it with all my might.

I breathe it in.

It is the blood flowing through my veins. I am ignited by it.


Is everything.

Hope is making a dream become reality.


My future is filled with an endless supply of hope.

I will be everything I was told I couldn’t be.

I will walk, chin up, proud of of my skin and my hair.

I will run with hope dripping from my body.

All because of hope that energized me.


Hope that can rise above hatred.

It can wash away the pain of yesterday and tomorrow and the day after that.

Hope is


I have a dream that I will become an influential filmmaker.

I have a dream that my

dream will become reality.


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