Dreams Do Come True


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United States

There is a picture

That sits in my closet.

I dare not pull it out--

It reminds me of the truth that

Once was.


Or wasn’t- I cannot be too sure,

I was three, in the land where

Dreams “Come True.”

I suppose it’s possible,

Possible I had a dream.


But I was three, stuck

With two parents who

Loved me.

If only I knew then-

How lucky I was.


There were three of us.

The three musketeers,

That was before She came

Along, then there were more-

More than three, I count four.


That four never lasted,

It became three again-

Mother and I were the same,

It was He and She who played

The Game.


12. Our lucky number.

The day I left the womb-

12, it is-but perhaps it

Means much more

Than this.


If She equals one,

And We are two,

Put us together,

And maybe dreams do

Come true.


This poem is about: 
My family


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