Dreams to Change


Hamilton College
198 College Hill Rd Clinton, NY
United States
43° 3' 3.8448" N, 75° 24' 34.4196" W

To be successful.

To be happy.

To have a job and make money.

Those were my dreams.

But now, I wonder, where would those get me?

There will always be people who’ve failed

There will always be people who are sad

People who are hungry and people without work.

People who have never had the chance to dream.

What if I could be the difference?

Would if I could help them?

People have been living for thousands of years before me

And will live for thousands after.

Years from now

What I do today probably will not matter

But what if I make a difference?

What if I am the one to help those who suffer?

To give food and work to those who need it

To fulfill dreams beyond the imagination of those without hope.

Today, regardless of my past,

Regardless of my future

Regardless of what others think

Today I will change a life.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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