Dreams and Everything in between

Dreams to me are...
The world within a world,
Is a story that never gets old.
As time alternates inward and outward,
My third eye connects the invisible cord.
Thoughts begin to gather as a sea of buzzing flies,
Making me sense the world through a thousand different eyes.

Do this say that, watch this learn that, eat this taste that,
Climbing this spiraling double helix, results into that spineless trip out.
Oh but I sometimes forget that this could only be a dream,
Or just another inscrutable part of an endless stream.
Colors begin to swim into my consciousness,
As I paint my own capriciousness.

Sound Vibrations trend my thoughts as an everlasting mixture,
Which is strumming my mind one rainbow of some perfect picture.
As I watch a flock of geese fly by a deathless clock,
I realize my mind is key for this timeless lock.
I attract positivity to get away from all of that negativity,
They share a morality in my world which I now call a tranquility.

Feeling this touching that, seeing this and tasting that,
Hearing this saying that, smelling this and dreaming that,
I remember I am in control, not some clueless fish or cat.
I wake up to find myself lucid, knowing that this is just another hallucination,
I begin to feel so vivid, surely it has to be an illusion,
Free will, free thought, this is that One conclusion.

I observe the infernal Star sleep as the juxtaposing, mystic Moon wakes,
Suddenly each molecular galaxy creates a million unique snowflakes.
All of my fears are suddenly broken,
Surely I have to be willingly joking.
The tree of blood flows as a river through my equinox,
As I walk this plain of grass without anyone’s socks.

This immaculate wind circles around me in an endless rotation,
Feeding me this oxygen I now call a hallucination.
The ground shrieks beneath my feet, Oil
Sweeping my mind oh so ever deep.
As my bones break in this tornado,
My thoughts explode into a volcano.

I'm at peace with loving this perfect inner soul matrix,
For the crease of timing has come to this double helix.
I lived a wild life as I journey on this phenomenal flight,
Memories turn to dreams as I fly towards this dimensional light.
My senses are reborn and I realize that I been here before,
It turns out this is another dream in that perpetuating floor.From the ground to the stars
Way beyond mars
To a planet never seen
And shooting stars in between
Step by step I start to levitate
Forget Louis Armstrong I'm aaliyah the great
Lifeless gravity pulls me up as my dreams pull me down
Take one look around and take one big lounge
From one star to the next I'm finding my way
Greatest discovery of all I'm gonna get paid
Looking down on God as he looks up on me
How can this be the greatest discovery
Is it me above it all or am I leading the rest
God this must be and Eden garden test
My own leader I'm just showing you ways
Look at the sun and the stars and catch those gamma rays.
Over confidence is what got you there
Pale cold while everyone's in a chair
The sorrows and weep of yesterday's misfortunes
Intertwined with a daily proportion
Of happiness shown but pain inside
The open wounds your skin belies
intentionally your story was to be Macbeth
Until u were left rieking of corrosion n death
Looking at your corpse with one last breath
Hearing shallows of symphonies swallow up in a wave
Memories in my head that I always cherished and saved
Innocent boy turning into a man
But manhood had to wait God had other plans
Testing your being your conscious morals
Listening to your words it became oral
Put it to your mouth yeah take it to the head
Listen to the influence and drown in your bed
Good illusions can turn into bad poisonous lead takes one to the head
Wake up its all my imagination heart flaring fast with an open mind to possibilities and occupation


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