Dreams and Aspirations


My dream job is one that I did not think of when I was five.

Every kindergartener wanted to be a doctor, a princess , a prince or something from their minds. 

I did not know what my future held and I wasnt the one to imagine one. 

Instead I lived realtity and had a different thought of outcome. 

I knew that growing up wasnt everything everyone thought it to be.

It was not a fairy tale or an old story in the short picture books mom and dad would read. 

I did not let the idea of imagination strike over my life.

Unlike the others the idea of passion and reality were already words that would develop in me with time. 

Elementary, middle, and high school went so fast and thats when I found a passion that would stick through at last.

Im not the typical girl nor am I the typical teen, but I found something that meant more than it would seem.

I found a family that was bigger than mine, not that we were related but our relationship grew in time. 

These people shared a common interest with me that I had just found, and It got me to think that I would not let this passion break down. 

I spent hours and weeks and years trying to improve myself. 

Cross fit was my new goal, aspiration, dream as many could tell.

The fitness, and adrenaline, and happiness that I felt was nothing compared to anything that I have delt. 

I found through experience that cross fit was my passion.

It became more of a dream and daily life style than something I could ever ration.

When I grow up I want to be an Athletic trainer.

I am a teenager not a child and my dreams are not so wild and I dont want to be a prince or a princess only an Athletic trainer. 



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