Tue, 01/08/2019 - 15:08 -- Aspen

Been spending some time dreaming instead of weeping.

For at least in my dreams, I can be who I want to be instead of real life where my goals are destroyed without a single glance back.

Almost as bad as a single text back.

But who am I to complain when im the one to always cause the pain?

But hey no pain no gain right?

I'm actually doing you a favor which you might want to savor

Here I was thinking you had my back

when in reality all I was for you was some sort of DIY life hack

You were dared to be there for me

although you never really cared and you're not even there for me.

I mean that’s the main reason you’re hated

I can believe I thought it was fate when all it was, was just hate, I guess waiting for love is outdated.

I'm still so frustrated it might seem complicated to someone of the likes of you.


It's weird how i can still love you when all you want to do is get disposed of me you’re so intolerant

You want to be feared when you appear but that's not going to happen dear so you might want to disappear.

When given the circumstance i think i'll avoid you in a different life prime.


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