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41° 58' 15.9852" N, 87° 42' 8.9352" W
United States
41° 58' 15.9852" N, 87° 42' 8.9352" W

What is a dream?

Is it a hallucination?

Because it's nt what it seems?

Or an ideal nation with imaginary themes?


Are dreams the things we want?

And nightmares the things that haunt?


Dreams are fantasies set in our sleep

Memories that, if had, we would surely keep

Illusions, configured of various thoughts

Had while asleep on a bed or maybe a cot

Random imagery and descriptive detail

One of the only places where your hopes can prevail


But you wake up from a drop of rain

That fell onto your face

Now it's all over and you sound insane

You were pope for a day but it was just a picture you traced


Our dreams sometimes tell the future

You may teach you may tutor

An ideal figure of the ideal girl

an imperfect atmosphere for an imperfect world


Some dreams are measured in scenes

Like those of a cinema

Where true hope always gleams

Like this poem, all dreams must end

Now make your dreams come true, try not to pretend







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