San Diego, California
United States

I hate the feelings of someone leaving

Especially if you care for them in anyway.

Wanting another chance, willing to change, if it comes your way.

The closest you can get to that second chance

The life you can control in your dreams.

It’s where you see people you don’t know, or know too well

People who you love, and people you know care.

Dreams only last so long until the reality comes backs and haunts you.

Going through the day

Wanting a second chance with the old friends avoiding you.

Not having the guts to speak your mind bottling it up inside.

The day is ending, at least you want it to

So you can go back to your dreams where there is no responsibility.

Before sleep is on the menu, you check on your friend you have now.

Your mind changing course focusing on helping the friend you have

Trying to help them

But not make the same mistakes you did with your other friends.

But yet you make the same mistake and end up alone again

Reading this poem thinking about that second chance

You start to dream escaping from the reality.


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