Dreaming love

I remember love like it was a thing of past trying to leave me. True love felt glorified and spectacular. A rose bud blossoming beautifully as I remember all her beauty, delightful hair, courageous smile, enchanted laugh, gentle personality. I can see her desires as she looked back at me. That gaze did not leave without her touch. Love is a dream for people like myself. I just want to close my eyes and see it never fall apart. I can still remember love once I close my eyes again. That's where I can see her again. She is breath taking she is amazingly gorgeous. Her beauty reaches as far as the sun rises over my face in the early morning. The rose bud peddles on the floor near the Garden valley surrounded by royal empress paulownia trees, purple white honey leaves fall like autumn leaves changing colors threw the crisp breeze. Lovely leaves bending bright among the blue sky clouds, interesting vibrant displays. I can see reds, oranges, and the occasional purple on the horizon. At the beginning of my path and at the end of a shortened day that wants to last forever. A dream never to wake up from. But Love always reappears to find me even if I try to forget it. But she still finds me everytime. Maybe this time I will hold her hand and walk with her. God will's it, my prayer answered.

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