Dreaming in Fingerprints


Running, sleeping

I'm still dreaming

That light that glows

And shines in your eyes

Reminds me of what could've been

And what is

That taste I'll never know

It's just a dream

But I still hope

Even when castles crumble

And love loses its luster

I'll still be dreaming

That day you look at me

Will be a day to remember

I'll dance on your naivety

I'll sing about dead sorrows

But that won't happen

I want victory

You want penance

Can't you see

We are one and the same

And even when your walls come crashing down

I'll still be dreaming

And even when you push me away

I'll still be sleeping

And even when you look me in the eye

I'll be running away

Because your memory stains me

And those dead sorrows rape me

That light that glows

And what is

It's just a dream


So prove me wrong

Make me cry

Feel my wrath

And then hold me close

Get down

And I'll go up

Go up

And I'll come down

Keep dreaming

And I'll dream with you

I'll hold your hand

That bitter taste

Sweetness beyond description

Songs can't tell the truth

But we'll sing anyways

And let our fingers do the telling


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