Don’t wanna wake up if I can’t feel pain

I’m not crazy I’m just creatively insane

I’m my own pilot I don’t need no plane

Telling these people what’s my name


Jeremiah of course I’m back now

Spent 17 years on this earth I can’t back down

Under the scars of my hips you never seen a boy like  this

If you want to rule the world the world you gotta do it with an iron fist


To the sky thinking I’m not gonna die

Alone where there’s no misery and the angels fly

Above all this is what I do in my free time

Knee high can’t lie don’t ask why


I write this just to vent

Doing  this is like a life spent

Time killer list to hit

No need for attention just let me bleed for a bit


Girl you treat me like an insomniac

I'm sitting  right here I'm not going back

Then you  say I don't love you forget that

I gave you all my life and that's a fact


I don't want to leave you we’re  much stronger

My dream is to kiss you at the altar

Wedding that's far from normal

I just want to give it all to you my heavenly father


May you rest in peace I'm down on my knees

Praying  for you to come back  put my life at ease

Up in the clouds taking the heat

This is not heaven  because death I tried to cheat


I just wanted my life to have some meaning

Thank you to anybody who’s  reading

 Jeremiah you need to stop retreating

I asked why they said I was just dreaming


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