The boycott taking place and people protesting for my race, but what are we trying to chase if the president ain't leaving his place? No work and no school what point are we trying to prove? I understand, respect, it was a pretty bold move. However that's not my point I've noticed as I've grown up that this land is a lie without a doubt. Or maybe I should keep my mouth shut because some controversy will breakout. Listen, we are called the land of the free, but i don't see freedom within me. I see people seperated by social classes, race, sexual orientation, etc... Freedom of speech, but if you speak everyone comes for you, freedoms promised by the constitution, but if you use them they're done with you. As an 18 year old kid I already see the corruption of this land, but let me be quiet because even I don't have freedoms, I'll just be banned. Sometimes I feel less human because I come from a different place. I may not have been born here, but I'm still part of the human race. I am classified as a rapists and without a doubt criminal. I don't know how you don't see it because these things aren't subliminal. But all it does is make me even more proud of my family. They risked their own lives to come here and that's something Trump can not see. He can't know the struggle of never being supported. Or fearing one day you'll come home and half of your family will be deported. And others just like him they could never understand the pain. They don't know what it's like to have nothing all they do is complain. We're taking their jobs and we're destroying their land? We were there for you when you needed us, but you never gave us a helping hand. And don't tell me you didn't have it easy when you were loaned million dollars. My grandparents will laugh because they never even saw a hundred dollars. The separation is depressing, but can't deny that it's a blessing, because there are other people with greater struggles who are always in superior stressing. I don't care if I'm heard, I'm just sitting here speaking my mind, I'm just exposing all my thoughts and the destruction that I find. This world is definitely broken, and it's easy to find the outspoken, but it's rare when you see people together for even a tiny moment. The States of America, but we can never stand UNITED everyone always goes against each other and ends up fighting.  I am proud of my people because trust me we're here to stay. Deport us by the millions trust me we are not scared.. If these are the true colors of this place I might as well start packing and walking. Thank you to my Latino America and to all the people who stand together. Hopefully there comes a day where they see that we are all one race, forever.


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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