Dream Warrior

Sun, 11/09/2014 - 00:31 -- Aceharb


United States
39° 5' 2.3964" N, 77° 9' 10.0116" W

A normal sleep

One that starts off slow

Lay Down into bed and away I will go


Soon I find myself vibrating

It scares me at first when I don't open my eyes

I feel that if I try to get up it will lead to my sudden and deadly demise


I hear a high pitch

Like I'm am winding up jets 

It sound like I'm ready to take off but no actual bets


I can see the room around me

So I try and I feel a little tight

Its weird that I can just stand up and see myself with no light


As for me I'm the brightest around

I pick up my head and leave my body there

I can wonder about the room and fly threw the air


There are things around

Some things you just would not believe

I can put them to death using anything I please


I explore and discover

Many things and places I would never go

But, I always find my loved ones and things they aren't willing to show


I can see people

And everyone you think I would never meet

But, this is the only real super power that no one can beat


A Dream Warrior I am

It's not what I set out to be

But, I'm able to just be me


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