A Dream Unforgiven and Unforgotten


United States
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How does it feel to have your dreams thrown away

At such a young age and all in one day?

To have them tossed to the side, in the trash, and to the curb

Without consideration to future endeavors

Or how it affects a person's stability

The emotions and thoughts that their dreams carried heavily?

To have the rug pulled out from under your feet

And have them stand over you as you lay in defeat

Squirming on the floor as they stand their ground

Of ensuring misery and keeping you bound?

Doomed to failure and humiliation at best

As all you can do is look up at the rest

Everyone else who've moved on and succeeded

While you just stand still, no, fall further as you pleaded

To an ear you force yourself to believe is there

But it doesn't listen, you only pretend it cares

That is, if it's even there for listening

But if you fall hard enough you'd believe anything

And in the end you know it's not your fault

Far out of your control like it's locked in a vault

To which you have no key nor know a combination

But you still feel like you deserve the damnation


If only, if only, there was a way to rewind

The events that transpired and the lies intertwined

But I guess that's just another hopeless dream, isn't it?


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