The Dream That Never Sleeps


United States
39° 26' 44.7792" N, 76° 8' 36.9312" W

What aspect does not make me human?
I have dreams
but most of all dreams.
So many dreams but others fill the room
Of other people,
their owners expand
and shout
and shove them outside,
They float over rooftops
kissing the moon goodnight.
I close my eyes as their outside voices
they are just too much to bare,
My heart beats and lungs expand
Cover my ears over their shouts,
It leaves my ears ringing,
Muffled voices
but no one is heard,
there are many dreams,
they don't even feel human anymore...
Dreams floating over rooftops
Scraping against the floor
hidden beneath cupboards
and who gets to say which dream stands above the rest?
Each has a beating heart
with lungs that expand with each breath.
Kept awake each night in the dark
unable to sleep...
their dream floating farther away
or lost in the sea and mist of voices
As I cradle mine in my arms,
Tight enough to keep it from floating away
but loose enough for it not to shatter in my arms.

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