Dream With Me

Mon, 03/05/2018 - 20:39 -- bahlers

If I were to ever write a poem,

It would be called ‘Dream With Me’,

And it wouldn’t be about anything sad,

About depression or anxiety,

Or any human rights,

Even though I know those are important,

But lately it seems like that is all poetry is,

And I was wondering why,

Like why does everyone write poetry about mental illness,

And I think I finally figured it out,

You see I’ve been apart of poetry,

Long enough to realize that the,

Only people who write poetry,

Are in fact depressed,

That they see the world at an angle,

That could throw anyone into a whirlwind of loneliness and sadness,

And I for one do not want to be apart of that.

I want to write poetry that can make people smile,

Make people believe in this world again,

In fact I want to create an army,

An army that's not armed with machetes and guns,

But with love and hugs,

I’ll have kids and grow them to be fighters of love,

They will go out into the world and fight off demons,

Like self hate and bad body images,

However, I think that even if I started having kids now,

I would only have an army of ten,

By the time I'm thirty and that might,

Not leave much time for things,

Like jobs and dating,

And I don't want to be raising ten kids alone,

So forget I said anything,

But maybe I'll start dating now,

And get a guy who loves taking care of lots of kids,

And holding a full time job at the same time,

I know he's out there somewhere.

And on top of having kids I can also adopt,

I can have a kid adopt a kid,

Have a kid adopt a kid,

Have a kid adopt a kid,

Ok so maybe that's not the best idea either,

But it was a good start.

Maybe I’ll just have three kids,

Because that's the perfect number,

And I'll raise them to be considerate and loving,

And they will never rebel,

Because I'm so forgiving,

And when they have children,

My army will multiply,

Yes I know that will take longer,

But let's face it making a perfect army takes time.

My dream is to change the world and for the better,

And I know a lot of people have had that same thought,

But somehow that dream got shut down,

And maybe that is not because of other people,

But because of our own thoughts,

Of thinking that we alone,

Can’t change the world,

And that might be the problem.

We should believe that we can change the world,

Even if you feel alone,

I pray to God everyday,

And half the time I can see His answers,

Other times I just have to believe,

And that is the hardest part,

Trust me,

But I don’t want to be alone in this,

So no matter what happens I want you,

To Dream With Me.


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Our world


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