That Dream Job

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 19:21 -- Jingles

I have been told

To walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes

If you want to understand anyone better

So I wanted to know my mother, and father too

Only to realize from the start-they had no shoes

Holes in their pockets, the clothes on their backs

Immigrant stigmas was all that they had

But inside, inside them they had something more

At first I couldn’t understand

But now I adore

It was love, faith, and hope

Love; The love of their family, the children, and humanity

Faith; The faith in the lord, who brought them from overseas safely

And hope; hope, that all of this, would finally bring-happiness

And to them I am thankful

To them I can dream

For a job-- so secure

For the hardships they had to endure

I remembered my mom

The way she joked about how such a tacky man

Could ever become that one grain in the sand

But they did

They fell in love after having their families ravaged by war

At a library in a refugee camp

In another Country so far off from the shores

Though you both worked so hard

Without seeing your own families for decades at a time

You had us

You had my brother and I

And it’s about dang time that it’s your time to shine!

I cried, I cried when my hands held open that letter of acceptance

PCOM pharmacy school; my first step into heaven

I’m one step closer to looking into my parents eyes

And telling them,

 “Don’t worry, I’ve made it.”

This is my life,

Welcome to my shoes.


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