Dream Guides: Chasers

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 02:50 -- rvc731


I fall asleep

Images form

I'm panting

I'm running

In a dark alley leading to a maze 

In a lean swaying building

I hear my name 


Numerous times

A variety of voices 


From behind me

Not very far

I did not answer back

For my throat was blocked by lead

Peering back

I see fifteen figures


Against one

All in black 

All alike


Smug mouths 

Why me?

They call

For my attention

My mind wanders 

For a minute


Is it my imagination

Or do I see


What do they want?

Being hit hard

Back to reality

I notice

I have slowed my pace

Allowing the fifteen figures

To catch me

I hear 


I wake up

Heart beating

Saying it is just a dream

But have a mix of feelings. 


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