The Dream-Eater

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 18:32 -- Baance


132 John Street
United States

The Tribuna, a monster riddled deep within the Earth's history. Powerful and deceitful. In its youth it was called a dragon. But now its different. Tainted. It lives in Limbo between this world, and the next. It feeds off dreams but has recently begun to favor nightmares. You have a bad dream and its there. You might not remember it, but it was there. And it remembers you. It's always there. That's why those memories fade. You never know but, behind the veil that separates our world from the next, he's waiting. The Tribuna is always waiting. Remaining hidden from humans to keep his realm out of reach. To keep us from finding. And that is why he will never turn his scrying eye from this world. And that is why you never feel alone in the dark. Those forgotten memories claw at the edges of your mind. But you donn't feel like you forgot anything. Because if you ever remembered the shock would be more than enough to kill you, and then you would have to face him.  

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Our world


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