Dream to Create

Thu, 01/16/2020 - 17:01 -- ocmerth

I close my eyes

Taking my head to rest.


Where darkness succumbs

And lying still



A bleak world now filling with color


Dauntly arising in a state of shock

Rather foreign my arms feel

Even my mind feels like an imposter

Along with a strange feeling of freedom

Mortality subdues


i swing the door open a bit too hard

the human eye never having seen such color

never have i appreciated the colors on an apple

or the dewy grass creating a fresh aroma

the sun on my skin so blissfully warm


i carry myself where a path is at

the same one where in my childhood I'd go


becoming entranced as the scene is idyllic

a feeling so new but yet too familiar

the words in my head slowly come alive

jumbles of words turning into an idea

this tree in front of me i could say much about

the song within reach that i can now see


and it wrote -

"Where symmetry and chaos meet,

Life seeping from the cracks

Where blossoms grow on streets

And seeds fall quickly in their packs

Divided from the tower

But in view of it whole

In its beauty I cower

Of the world it has control."













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