Dream for the Americana

America! Amercia!

Land of the free

Home of the brave and equality

Oh how I want to believe.


America! Amercia! 

Home of the brave!

I'll march for your freedom

into my grave, and 

Oh, how I want to believe. 


America! America!

Country sweet and true

I'd fight for you! Die for you!

'Neath spacious skies blue.

Oh how I want to believe. 


America! America! 

The land of liberty! 

Where we welcom progress

with arms open wide and 

Oh...how I want to believe. 


I want to believe in America

She is my homeland, my only country. 

She stole my heart, love at first sight

That is why I believe. 


America, America, 

So young she stands

the rust scarecly toughing her feet. 

with hope shining within the next generation 

and words in her arms to believe. 


This poem is about: 
My country


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