A Dream About You in the Place Where Lavender Blooms


I had another dream last night... A dream about you with your dark, muddled hair and kind eyes. A dream about fields of lavender clothing vast fields as far as I could see. Stardust covered my lashes, tickling my nose as I smiled at you. My face never betrayed the truth I held inside, but rather, allowed it to lightly simmer on the surface. It died slowly though, sinking down into the wispy lavender seas, entangling themselves in the weeds--the clouds of the earthen world. Truth tunneled through the realm of wet roots and slinking worms, through a crust of stone and clay, until it was visible no more; truth was swallowed up, eaten by creatures of the earth... The lies I told and the life I lived... It's all in the light now, isn't it? You'll probably never forgive me... Will you?

I don't know what to say... You wouldn't judge me by my past? I don't know whether to be maddeningly upset or voraciously overjoyed! You didn't try to change me... But, why not? It scares me to think about; being changed and having to follow along with the crowd was all I ever knew. I'd much rather sulk in fear and die crying your name throught many sleepless nights than follow such a proclaimed path. But life has its twisted ways, doesn't it, because the only tears I'm crying now are those of a happy lass. They prove that the flawless lavender blooms and your smiling face will always be mine...



Thank you for your kind words! I will definately take any and all helpful critisims I can get to use in my future pieces, so thank you for that as well! :)

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