I dream a dream to escape the dark depths of reality

To escape the cruel world, we cain our abels-We hate each other

And with our own ropes we hang one another

And look to blame things like "Police Brutality

Problems that exist- We create them happily

A small dream cannot flurish in this big round tragedy 

It's all a set up- You're told you're nothing from the day you were born

Yes that first check-up

We are born without our own intentions (Immorality) but yet we have a purpose to 

fulfill due to our spirituality

Before we could breathe, life as we see

was a dark space swimming

waiting for our turn- but something you may now know, will be something

you need to learn, our spirits were not of this world and yet satan wants them 

to burn. The first seven days of time started with a dream a vision, God's own mind.

By the grace and the love of his voice, the earth took his command and created motion

The winds began to blow and the blue became ocean

Nothing but peace, happiness and joy, I bet life was sweet until that snack came to destroy

I wonder what life would be like without the snake

would there be any crime, would there be any hate?

Would humanity even be here? I stand clear and look back an think what if?

I mean God had the vision of Adam and Eve to live forever around many trees,

But one only one he placed in the center- that's like feeding chicken to a chicken for dinner

No think about it!

The tree of good and evil right in the middle, God HAD to know Man would be so little

and fall into temptation or was it a test?

It all started with a dream then that dream became a mess.

One wrong bite into life will dismiss you from parodies

but if you walk with the lord your dream will be in Christ

and through Christ all things are possible, you can faith your way in then you'll be in,

nothing will stop you.

You have to live outside of time, you have to have HIS mind

You have to walk with one foot in the spiritual realm and one in the worldly realm.

If you want to succeed you have to plant many seeds.

Water them seeds with the Holy Spirit, feed the seeds with the Holy Son.....

Then stand back! As your faith grows, your faith shows

Many things that were thought to be impossible, your faith knows

that all things are possible but not all things are improbable

The world has many obstacles and distractions to void your dream

You want to be a singer but can you really sing?

Do you want it for HIM or do you look for the money and things!

Things that are not of HIM 

Things that will have others questioning "Do you really love HIM"

So I, yes I--- Have put on the mind

I discovered the truth after so many lies

My dream is evidential by each breathe that I take, so this dream, God's dream

now soon I'll awake

He did an Autopsy and Dissected my spirit

He never left me alone and HIS word, I can HEAR it!

I will seize opportunities with the spiritual eyes that he gave me

My soul will no longer cry out "Oh father please save me"

I am free and free to live my dream

From beginning to end--- With a world full of sin

I will walk in his name----- With Jesus Christ I WIN!!!



This poem is about: 
Our world


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