When I fall asleep, no one dare wake me.

For I am on a trip where all reality escapes me.

Where colors dance on the surface of a twilight sky,

And everything I once knew passes me by.

Where the sun reaches down to give us warm kisses of light,

And my body sprouts wings that give me flight.

Where magnificent creatures and beasts run free;

Where I have the freedom to absolutely be me.

Where we jump on clouds and swing from stars;

Where no one tells us who to be or who we are.

Where no hurt nor harm comes to a single soul;

Where we sing songs, tell stories and legends of old.


My kingdom is in this magical land,

And my palace sits on beautiful dunes of swirling sand.

Where everyone loves and no one hates;

And when imagination comes, we never close the gates.

You see my gates are open for all who come in,

But the unopened mind is a perpetual sin.

For we dance on water and feast on the moon;

But how could you believe that if your mind thinks 'no' so soon?

For we believe in the impossible and the impossible believes in us.

So do not venture here if you cannot win its trust.

I am the ruler in this exotic land,

And princes come from near and far to kiss my hand.

My people love me and call me right and true;

For I rule with dignity and grace as every good queen should do.

My possibilities are as unlimited as the stars in my night skies;


But a time comes when I must say goodbye.

With a tear down my cheek and a wave of my hand,

I say farewell to my beautiful land.

But I do not mourn or dwell in sorrow,

For I know I will get to see it again someday, or maybe tomorrow.

And so, my land drifts far away,

Like a castaway ship on an uncharted bay.

I fly away like a bird in flight,

And bid them all a good morrow and a good night.

Then there is nothing, not a single soul.

There is blackness all around like an endless void or hole.

Then light crashes in, from every direction,

And reality again sets in like a horrible infection.

And then I know that I have awoken,

For my spell binding wonders have now been broken.


When I wake up, I am sad to leave my world behind;

For there is no place I’d rather be than the fantasies of my mind.

But I do not fret when my dreams and adventures end;

For when night comes, I get to close my eyes and begin again.




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My country
Our world
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