A Dream

 If you looked in his eyes what would you see?

A man who had a vision for me

His vision surpassed the constructs of segregation.

His dream opened the eyes and sparked a nation.

He dreamed little black boys and little black girls,

Could attain equal opportunities in this world.

Martin believed all people should unite

He didn’t give up without a fight,

But he didn’t promote violence, or using his hands

He became a drum major for justice for every woman and man,

No matter the race, economic status, color or creed,

The content of character is what should be seen,

A Baptist minister; he promoted cooperation in speech,

Fully aware that overcoming the obstacles of racism and poverty

were not easy to reach.

Time and time again he was charged and tested

For the dream, he wasn’t afraid of getting arrested

The task of obliterating Jim Crow Laws and segregated schools

Wanting all to be treated fairly by the same rules

Accomplishing the goal harder and harder he tried

Some became violent,

Bombing his home with his family inside

War was not the answer,

Racism spreading like a cancer

Through peaceful protests and activism in his stance

A leader  in the Civil Rights movement

so injustice couldn’t stand a chance

On that day in August 1963, what a memorable speech it came to be

At the Lincoln Memorial in Washington in DC.

Holding on to the propeller of justice in his stride

In 1964, Martin won the Noble Peace Prize

The honor of winning such an award,

Dr. King realized the pen was mightier than the sword

Even though Dr. King is now deceased

He advocated that hatred can be cured by peace

If you looked in his eyes what would you do,

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream for me and you. 


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