The Dream


United States
42° 32' 38.4468" N, 83° 20' 48.7608" W

I am dreaming of a place.
Not an ordinary place.
A place that only lives in my dream.
A place where I am always happy.
A place where I never lose.
A place where I can do whatever I choose.
But only in my dream.
In this place I am a star.
Everyone knows my name.
And I inspire others to do what is right.
Chains are broken.
And lives are set free.
Because the greater lives in me.
Evil fails.
And goodness will gleam.
Can this only happen in my dream?
I can hear the voices.
They scream loud and clear.
"Only in your dream!'
Fear draws near.
But still I close my eyes and dream.
Through night and day.
I dream, dream, dream away.
And maybe one day.
One day
I will open my eyes
And the dream will be here to stay.

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