The Dream


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Running with my team
I look off to the right
And what I see
Is an inspiring sight.

Two months ago
During Christmas break
Drugs were the first thing he'd do
When he'd wake.

I opened my heart
And gave him my time
But the parties were blinding
And he missed all the signs.

I tried to change
What he was trying to be
But he was troubled and cold
And just couldn't see.

Seeing him in the hallways
Was painful as ever
And his partying habits
Still, no one could sever.

Time would only tell
If he would change or not
Though the very thought of it
Makes me feel lonely and distraught.

But on that day
When I was running my lap
What I saw then and there
I suppressed my want to clap.

For he was in shape
And swinging his bat
Every movement, every technique
He knew where he was at.

The passion in his eyes
Suddenly made me remember
Exactly what I saw in him
That past December.

It's a shame now since
I've finally moved on
No doubt his place in my heart
Will be weighing a ton.

He goes through his day
Looking for the unseen seam
Maybe someday he'll find
That the answer is right in his dream.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful poem

emotionally driven piece that analyzes a person's poor choice, but turned his life around

the last four lines really caught my attention-to me, that was the drive behind this particular poem

keep writing-great job


Thank you so much! (:

Alexus Thomas

Woah that was a great poem. Really made me think.


Thank you so much!!


I am so late but that poem was so beautiful.

Completely worthy of being featured today.

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