Wed, 04/22/2015 - 12:47 -- Breeeee

Magical nights; the Milky Way,

This is where I want to stay;

In a place where you fall asleep

To the rhythm of falling raindrops and counting sheep.

Where you can catch the stars,

Where you cannot grow faint but run,

Where you can even hitch a ride on the sun!

When morning dawns you breathe in the fresh scent of pine,

And inhale the crisp air with a hint of rain still being absorbed into the moist soil while thinking,

“This is mine.”

Suddenly a cool breeze from the sea tugs playfully at you,

And you feel the urge, that tugging urge to just LET LOOSE!

To all of the strife, the hurt, and the pain,

The things that were driving you almost…insane.

Suddenly you feel like your insides are going to burst with the joy that you feel,

The happiness, the euphoria, is just all too real.

Warm tears of joy run down your glowing cheeks so true,

As the sun appears with fiery rays behind hills like a little game of peek-a-boo.

Now you are flying,

Soaring to heights that not even the baldest of eagles cannot reach.

Dancing on the rings of Saturn,

Dipping  your finger into the Milky Way making a sugary pattern.

Silently you drift down afar,

And listen to the beauty of nature’s orchestra.

All of a sudden…


There goes that alarm,

Your mind turns to mush,

This kind of faithfulness is better kept hushed!

As the day starts, your mind begins to steam,

Yet for one split second you thought you could taste that heavenly sugar from your DREAM.



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