A Dream

I am thought-tinkerer, word-spinner, and dream-weaver.

I am storyteller, lie-carpenter, and truth-giver.


I sit here, day to day, working my word-loom.

I practice my craft, with the greatest tact, from dusk till dawn till noon.


And through this fabric, a rich and colorful menagerie.

A baffling and beautiful bunch of characters for to see.


A thief giving a gift to his king and a hatter that dabbles in philosophy.

A king, a queen, and his wife, a dead soul walking, and a journal all for me.


My masters are Plato and Aristotle, Cicero and Marcus Aurelius.

My teachers are Homer, Virgil, Shakespeare, and Voltaire. Good god I’m pretentious.


I am a philosopher, the Prince of Poets. Or, rather, I would be.

It seems to me that the world wishes to conspire against my dream and me.



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