Dreadful Days Return

notebook and pencils im ready to kill time writing rhymes

passing the class is not a problem, i just gotta make it on time

i am not intrerested ive lost the passion

or maybe ive persued all knowledge and class? theres no longer a reason to pass it

im passive, rather spend my time kickin back and relaxin

schools like a dull axe, i cant hack it....

but if i dont conform to the norm ill get slayed like a dragon

i go to school where society attempts to opress us

no picture perfect image and no collered shirts as the district tries to dress us

but im moving to a better life, a better education

theres nothing left to do now except count down the days so i sit here waiting

i do not lack the drive i lack the motivation

when rap is shunned how is that motivatin?

my staff and facualty laughed when i told them my passion, like actually?

i came to school with the drive and it was taken back from me


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