Drawing Board


Back to the drawing board. Here I am Starting over from scratch Yet again. Checking variables. Rechecking my math. Why can't I just seem To get this right? I take a step back And observe the board. I think I got it this time... Back to the drawing board. Here I am Frustrated and angry Yet again. Staring dumbfounded At my countless scribbles As they mock me. I swear I've checked Triple checked everything! "What's wrong?" I scream to myself. My question Echoing throughout My hollow house. My pen crashed to the ground. Breaking and smashing Rage induced tears I obliterated the board. Looking at the disoriented Pieces of a problem Left unsolved. I burned it. I burned it all. I didn't leave one scrap left... I started fresh. Got a new drawing board. Wrote one word Turned and walked away. I took onle last look. Closed and locked the door. "Me" 


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