Draw the Curtains

How dare you


call yourself a lion when you can't even RAWRR?

Refusing to acknowledge that this World means War

you nest, numbing your mind endlessly in a frenzy of instant gratifications;

Thoughtlessness and simplicity wipe clear your imagination.


No desires can overcome the ease you plead

as you sit back and watch the real lions bleed;

In discomfort they hunt, a discomfort you cannot concieve,

due to your lack of willpower, yet powered by greed;


You want everything effortlessly

you've never met the mental motivation,

Blaming your struggle on the world's spiteful discrimination.

But a true lion knows fate does not lie in the sense of entitlement,

it's ceaseless bloodshed even in the fields of abandonment.


The endowment of a lions heart will forever live

honoring the fight, an unwritten doctorine.

The curtains can be drawn for the catalyst within,

even for you, an undeniably implosive sin.


So I dare you,


let down your pride

and commence the prowl,

before you forget how to graze,

and perpetually foul.

This poem is about: 
Our world



I think this is a very powerful statement about the world, and the struggles people face. I agree with your view of how some people just want but never work hard for what they want in this insane world. Thank you for making my day.



Thank you Michelle!

This makes me so happy to read. I try to always make a statement to get people to connect, and possible make a difference in their thinking or actions.

I am so happy I could make your day :)


Lots of Love,

Heaven Marculis


amazing poem love the concept of it

Christopher Shirer


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