Emerald eyes

A gloss strewn across them

Souls, they see through

Transparent as glass




Larger than men

Sharper than the sharpest blades

Jagged, yet sharp to a point

Ripping, tearing

Fear and intimidation


Large horns

Adorned by the same sheen

A dragons pride

To a sharp point they came

Stood tall they did

Small to one, yet large to us

Scratches, wait no



But battle scars they were

Not burdens

But trophies


Leathery wings

Larger than he himself

The very things that give him an identity

An eternal lifetime of opportunities

Soaring high and low

To battle


A victor

But who?

Scales colliding

A flash of green and black

Thunderous bellows

Screeches, cries of defeat

Crimson tears overtaking the land

One falls, the other rises



His large, scaled arm lay across the dead

Emerald eyes glowing in victory

A hot, maroon colored tongue

Sliding across his fangs

A triumphant growl leaving his throat

Bowing, submitting

The other dragons, heads hung low

No more challengers

A new king has been crowned



Thousands of degrees hotter than the sun

Flowing freely from his mouth

A large puff of smoke

Engulfing everything

Dark as his scales

Scales darker than night itself

His head turns

Eyes cast below him

Set aflame was the past king

The tyrant


Green scales

Turned to ash


All evidence of the once high,

Mighty, cruel

Now dead, king

Gone, forever

Remaining were only his tears

Crimson stained grass

Pulverized under Drάkons weight


His prize?

Respect, authority, relations 


But what he truly desires?

The kings cave

The treasure



Flowing freely through his body

An endless river of pleasure

And gold coins

Gems, the shiniest of rubies

All for him to admire

To keep



Into his cave he went

Smirking to himself

His patience

His power

It all paid off

Now he was free to do as he wished

And so he did


He sauntered inwards

The cave echoing

Large, loud thuds

Yet swift as could be

Eyes glowing bright

Finally, He saw it

His treasure 


To it he went

Gold coins dispersed as he approached

A spot he found, then a large sigh of relief

He curled around his possesions

Patience, triumph

Now a great king has risen

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