Down Without Salvation


Happiness for eternity

Fly up where Angel's sing

Or down with Satan

With pain worse than death can bring

Salvation I choose

For I cannot live without

Devil taunts me

As I wonder what you're about

"Come to me

Pleasure is here"

Devil pulls me away when you are near

"But Jesus is coming"

I must believe

Without salvation I'm Devil's company

I must fight back

To become stronger than what I am

But everyone's against me

God you're my only friend

"Just give me a answer please"

But wait how can this be

This battle I'm in

It's me against me

I choose not to pray

I choose not to worshi[

I choose to live in sin

And I will not continue it

God you are my life

And I am your creation

Choosing not to serve you

I will go down without salvation



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