Down, Down, The Rabbit Hole



The rabbit hole I climbed

Looking for the White Rabbit

“Oh White Rabbit!

“White Rabbit”!

I yelled

“Can you tell me the time”?

“Remember that watch you have” 

“Can you pleaseees read me the time”

“I think I'm late”!

But the rabbit doesn't even turn his head

“Oh Mr. Rabbit”!

“Won't you please turn around”

When there is no sound in response

I forge ahead



The rabbit hole

“Oh Mr. Rabbit”!

“Mr. Rabbit” !

“I just met the most curious group of strangers”

“They cared enough to sing me happy birthday”

“Except it… wasn't my birthday”

“Was it”?

“But that doesn't matter now” 

“I reeeally need you watch”

“Mine is broken”


“May I please look at yours” 

“Just for a second, I promise”

But I could not see hid or hair of the White Rabbit

Who's hole I had climbed down

And so I continued my search for Mr. Rabbit 



The Rabbit hole

“Oh Mr. Rabbit”!

“Mr. Rabbit”!

“Have you seen the Cheshire cat”?

“Have you seen his grin”?

“Because I have” 

“Ohhh I have”!

“He smiled at me and told me where to go”

“I got lost trying to find you”

“He made me a path” 

“A shortcut”! 

“Because I really, really need your watch”

“But I don't think you can hear me”

“So I’ll drag my feet”




“the rabbit hole”

“Oh Mr. Rabbit”!

“Mr. Rabbit”!

“I saw you today”

“You were in front of the queen of your rabbit hole”

“You must have heard me needing your watch”

“But you couldn't even spare ME a second”

“And I understand you were late”

“For the trial”

“With the queen”

“And that is so much more important” 

“Then me being late for a reason not even I remember”.

“Do you think you have time now, though”?

“Now that the trial with the queen is over”?

“Now you are no longer late”?

“Because I THINK I’m late”

“My watch stopped working”

“You know”

“The gears no longer turn”


“But that's… not true, is it”

“I… I… thought it smashed…”


“But that does not matter, Mr. White Rabbit”!


“Oh! Darn” 

“Your gone again”

“Oh, well”

“Deeper, deeper I go”

“Until I find you,”

“You and your watch”

“Because I’m running late” 

“And as they say”


“We’re all mad here”


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