Fri, 02/06/2015 - 17:42 -- L31gh4

its not okay

if it is not the same

shove it to the back

hide it in the shadow

because what you don't know

can not hurt you

so you play the music loud

to cover up the sound

of your heart drowning

as your tears fall


down to the surface of your guilt

down to the habit you can not kick

down to the pain you hide so deep

down to the secrets that you keep

down to the feelings you can not shelf

down to the lies you tell yourself

it was quiet for so long

now your heart beats out a frantic song

singing whispered dreams you can barely hear 

beneath the sreaming of your fear

You turn the radio on

dance to your favorite song

pretend that your okay

as night over comes the day

you let a wish upon a star

tear your world apart

as gravity

brings it crashing


down to where the light does not shine

down where my thoughts are not mine

down where everything is not as it seems

down where nightmares are the only dreams

down where pain is to much to take

down where you let your heart break

Close your eyes

dream of a day

when you will break through

the shackles that bind you

when all the walls

will tumble down

from a prison that tried to tame you

when all the ghosts

who moan remebered pain

will be forgotten

dream of flying

of being so far,

so high, the world will fall away

dream of freedom, of forgiveness

dream of never looking back

never looking


down where no one believes in love

down where everthing is to much and not enough

down to hatred and to fear

down to songs you sing but cannot hear

down where you left yourslef and all your pain

down where you are never going back again.



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