The Doorway to it All is Found in Literature

How can one summarize the brain?

Most of the passing days our brains think about the miniscule problems that will vanish with a tick of the clock and with the virtue of patience—

But what about the monumental enigmas?

How do we leave an imprint on this world? How do I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing in life? Is there a God? Is there something more? If I snap my fingers at 3:34am this Thursday will that change the outcome of tomorrow or was it going to happen that way all along?

Thank you Odysseus. Thank you Dr. Migan. Thank you Shakespeare and Dante. Thank you Wang Wei. Thank you Mother. Thank you nature. Thank you, me.

Literature saves lives. Literature saves my life. The thought that stories can tunnel through the deep crevasses of our minds and pull out the most fascinating of lyrics and diction makes the skin crawl off of bones.

The key to saving souls on this world starts with literature, so may I ask you—would you like to read a book with me?


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