The Doors of Modulation

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 17:55 -- klegere

What words are these that I have learned to love, to cry, to laugh, to fear, to fulfill wonder? For in an instant I have learned the meaning of regret. I have honed the skill of painting the air in colors around the peoples of this world. They float past them hurriedly like cupid finding his matchmaker. Fingers slightly moving and they move faster and faster still. Air pushing faster, air pulling back and staccatos stick to the air and dot the canvas. The peoples of this world have come to my newfound ovation and they are not afraid until-until i have opened a new door. The key twisting slowly inside and creaking open into a strange chasm of mental demise. The time ticks slow. Slower. Slower. Curious danger swims around them, taunting, sticking their dark fingers into their ears pounding about the drums to a new time. They are now in fear. I have become Vilified, but still I must save them. Searching between the bars, I find a series of sharp keys. Wake up! Don't you hear the silence? I first notice the caesura and the door has appeared. I turn every lock with my keys and the door bursts open and sweet, sweet, merciful light comes forth into the air and harmonic poise mangles and destroys the darkness. The people begin to cry. They are not sad. They are not scared. They are relieved because they are moved from masochism to such harmonious beauty. We have not given them seamless words, for we have sown back this world. The cadenza rises and falls and again and again and they have been taught to love. The gliss removes all meaningless thoughts and they have learned to show their compassion. The fermata grabs the double bar and all curtains have risen and they laugh nervously, rising from their seats into an ovation. They are renewed. They are human.  



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