Doomed without Nature

Feel the wind blowing...

gently cradling our thread of life 

as blossoms dance in glory 

swaying in rhythm with the vicious currents of time 

while the forest whispers its love 

enchanted lovers doomed from the start 

for fragile is the bridge of star crossed lovers 

shatterable under the bitting, devious waves of the Seven Seas

as their wings tear apart the giver of fruits

and the ignorant that lavishly bathes in them 

for fair is gratitude... hand in hand with destruction  

pure in its oblivious chaos as it engulfs all 

Let it fall in glorious darkness to embrace thy soul 

When the wind is no longer able to caress thy hair with its loving finger tips

When thy sight fails to gaze at the blossoms of spring

When the euphonious chant of the ocean waves are no longer heard 

When the sweet fragrance of honey and flavors of the world are unrecognizable  

Destruction... be thou savior and expunge thy existence  to a void of darkness

for without nature

I am none.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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