Don't Touch My Pizza

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 19:59 -- Kettle

I’m a diva

For pizza-

Fast as a chee-tah

To grab the last piece-uh.

I say “bye-bye Felicia”

To my poor little pizza.

When I go see the Giza

Or to Micronesia

I bring me some pizza

(But skip the margarita)

To eat before I sleep-uh.

But my close friend Elisa,

Who looks like Mona Lisa,

Begs for my pizza.

Then I have an idea

To give her Velveeta.

She says “No, Maria!”

And goes to the freez-ah

To get frozen pizza.

Then by way of Visa

I buy some more pizza

At the pizzeria.

I pet my zebra

Until I hear my door ring-ah

And get my fresh pizza

Delivered by Theresa.




I love this! Great poem lol :D

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