dont tell me what to think


dont tell me what to think

dont impose

imposition of anyones individual ideology infinitely obstructs mine

let me decide and let me determine


ideology: noun

the manner of thinking and the ideas of an individual

a breathing, expressive, real, powerful, individual

ideology: noun

not the implementation of your ideas on mine

im not a mindless man unless you make me that way

dont tell me what to think

dont impose

teach me, yes

tell me, yes

make me think, yes

but let me think for myself


question everything, they say

even the existence of god

question anything, i say

pose those questions to me


how can i grow

how can i learn

unless i can question?

unless you let me?


. . . let me . . . 


let me question you


put aside your pride

your arrogance is perilous to my intelligence


the great divide, thinking and learning

who are you to say your opinion is always right?

who am I to believe you?


your close-minded opinions are destroying my generation

this hopeless, helpless, hungry, generation

we leave your classroom indoctrinated and falsely inspired

only to be stunned and shunned by the real world transpired


youve left me with no foundation

no way to think for myself

and worse than all that:

no reason to do so


all i ask, on behalf of us

the sum total of my peers and anyone lost

is that you apologize

own up to your mistake 

dont you dare victimize

dont act like you didnt take

part in this brainwashing

this thought-locking


farce we call “education”


see all we want is to be challenged 

but encouraged

to take a stand

but fairly

to confront

but grow from it


dont tell me what to think

i hate it

dont impose

i reject it


and you wonder why we are rebellious

ever heard yourself talk?

youre worse than a broken record, youre dangerous

thoughtless and poisonous

infiltrating the intricacies of the individual

propaganda promotion takes precedence over pondering personal principles

youre dangerous


we looked to you 

and you let us down

so what do we cling to now?


. . . that is an excellent question


dont you dare tell me what to think

its harmful

dont impose 

im tired of it


im sick of your proselytizing 


take this advice or leave it

but the damage is done



now try and fix it


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

let you voice be heard

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