Don't Snooze or You'll Lose

Tick Tock. Tick Tock

As my life revolves around the same clock

With the hour hand spinning at the speed of light

It was clear these 24 hours have been a fight

A constant cycle of sleep, school, work, and back to sleep,

My eyes wide like an owl while the alarm goes beep beep beep

These designer bags under my eyes now go down deep

A never ending battle has begun

My brain has been fried and is now overdone

Stacks and stacks of layered work waiting to be done on my desk

I was beginning to feel overwhelmed as if this was an impossible quest

Countless nights encountered with self doubt

But I didn’t want to end up being a dropout

I became determined to get this straightened out


Here, I approach a new day and higher pay

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Epiphany runs through my mind as I learn to break away

From all those unhealthy habits of checking my phone

I was ready to get in the zone and no longer postpone

Not willing to give up just yet,  

I was ambitious and determined to have my mind set

Never allowing myself to stay distracted, I began subtracting

All these negative obstacles interfering

As I delve into a new habit, I begin to inhabit

The roles of George Washington’s Cabinet

Assisting myself while aiding others in need

This is where I begin to succeed

Yes indeed, indeed.

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