Don't Quit

Everyone gets upset.

Everyone gets sad.

Everyone feels happy.

Everyone feels mad.

It's not what you're feeling but HOW you are dealing

With the pain and sadness or celebrating gladness

I don't know how you can deal and I don't know how she may feel.

I don't know what he may do and I don't know what they've been through.

But let me tell you what I can do, to help myself get through.

On days when everything is blue and I don't know what may stew, I simply run.

I don't run away, no. I pick up my feet and encourage myself:

Life is just one step at a time.

Keep pushing.

Just keep going.

Don't give up when you have more left.

As sweat falls, the pain crawls

away to a place, a dark space

Out of my head, no longer I dread what lies ahead of me

As my lungs breathe in the cold crisp air, the wind blows through my hair

Everything I worried about, yes I still care

But no longer do I stress, or shy away from rest

I feel free.

Like finally,  nothing can bother me.


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