Don't Quit

Does it matter that in the fall

all of us just feel so small?


We rush like squirrels 

harboring food

for in winter

none of us know what to do.


In fall school is on the up and up again

we all fight for our grades

while our health is thrown to the frigid winds


The trees are dead

and so are we

at least in our minds-

the worst place to be


How do we keep our civility

when our every thought is drowned in morbidity


Don't quit

Even when the hollow tree branches



Don't quit

Even if the groundhog is so vain he views his shadow

A promise of a frosted 'morrow


Don't quit

because Spring will find its way back to you

never too late

never too soon

Your mind will become a precious rose bud

filled with endless love


It matters that in the fall we all feel so small

Because in the spring nothing can stop us from winning

Don't Quit 





This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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